Sunday, 18 August 2013

Things I Found and Liked

I actually wrote this post in February, but never got round to publishing it. I had actually forgotten about finding these things so I was like finding them new all over again! So here's what I found and liked in February.

Japanese School Buses; Gosh, I'm fast becoming such a transport nerd but, don't you wish all of our buses looked like these japanese school buses? It would certainly brighten up the morning commute. I remember reading a book about kawaii and Japanese culture and basically in Japan there isn't as much association between cartoons and childishness. 

The Coveteur profiles various fashion icons with beautiful imagery to acommany the articles. But what I like best about this website is they don't just profile the obvious Kate Moss (booooring) and Dita Von Teese. They also profile people like Barbie or mine (and suri cruise's) spirit animal Kiernan Shipka and a whole bunch of people I'd never heard of but I enjoyed reading about.

My favourites are;

She said beauty shared this super cool video from Topshop, show casing the new s/s13 nail colours. I think it's a really cool and interesting way to promote the new colours.

The caddisfly larvae build themselves protective tubes out of materials that they find in the streams they live in, such as small stones and pieces of wood. Artist Hubert Duprat creates an environment for the larvae which has gold leaf and precious stones and the caddisfly larvae build their tubes from that with beautiful results.


Hips Like Cinderella said...

Those larvae are amazing! And I'd love to take a ride in the pikachu bus! x

Anonymous said...

Oh i love these too, wuld really brighten my day if the tubes looked as fun as this and i think it would be such a great marketing technique for the thousands of people that use public transport!!

Lovely post and lovely blog hun x

Jenny King said...

Are those buses real!?! They're amazing, I blumming love Japan. I really want to visit Tokyo one day.

Jenny | sunny sweet pea xx

Anonymous said...

I want them all!!! They are sooo cute...there would be a bit less road rage maybe if everyone's transport was so cute and vibrant? :P

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