Saturday, 28 September 2013


I've never actually posted about my cat on here, other than when we first got him, but I really love reading about other people's pets so why wouldn't I post about my kitty. His name is Walt (I watch too much Breaking Bad) although I mostly just call him Kitty.

He's actually bloody difficult to photograph what with his black fur, he mostly comes out looking like a glossy black blob, rather than the cute kitty that he is.

Thursday, 26 September 2013

H! by Henry Holland Floral Dress

I got this dress ages ago, but I've haven't worn it yet. It's quite summery so I'm not sure I'll get away with it for winter... I just love it's vintagey 60s-ish print. It's from the H! by Henry Holland range at Debenhams. I really like this range, there's a lot of cool stuff. I wanted it for ages and when I finally went to go get it, it was half price in the sale!

It's getting so cold and dreary that I had to take these pictures inside, when I went out in this I had wear my coat!

My legs look spookily long in this. I don't actually look like this...

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Vintage Tuesdays; June 1968

I love old fashion advice. In my June book 1968, I found some fantastic advice about growing up pretty. I know I finish all my meals with a 'crisp carrot', splash my feet with cologne and I'm wondering if I have 'artistic' or 'chubby and competent' hands.

Friday, 20 September 2013

Swedish Hasbeens For Less

I've been after a pair of Swedish Hasbeens for quite a while but with a £150 price tag, they're definitely in the save up and invest price range. It's a lot for a shoe I don't know how much I'd actually wear. I was thinking about seeing if I could get a pair cheaper when I'm in Sweden/Denmark in November, but after doing some research, it might actually be more expensive to do it that way. I love the way Swedish Hasbeens sort their shoes by the heel size; 'sky high', 'super high' 'high' and 'low'. These are a few I've got my eye on.

However there maybe a cheaper way. Enter Lotta from Stockholm. I don't think there are as many on the Lotta site that I love as on the Swedish Hasbeens site, but they are also £100 cheaper. And I've been told by a friend that has a Lotta pair that they seem to be good quality. Maybe I will buy a Lotta pair first to see how I feel about the style and comfort of this type of shoe. Lotta also have a section of shoes called 'Nice to work in', which I like because I know these are made to be comfy all day. And they do a sale and seconds section!
Which pair do you like best? Would you buy the Swedish Hasbeens or the Lotta From Stockholm? Have you already got a pair?

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Romy and Michelle's High School Reunion

I love Romy and Michelle's High School Reunion. It's one of those films that people kept saying I'd love but I never got round to watching. Well a few weeks ago I did watch it and I did love it, even if the ending is a bit cliched. The clothes are so fantastic and 90s, if its shiny, fluffy, tight or brightly coloured, Romy and michelle wear it. Their gym clothes are particularly spectacular. So when I saw this shiny, shiny pvc pencil skirt in Topshop I was inspired to create a Romy and Michelle wardrobe. If you haven't seen it yet, it's on Netflix.*

5. BooHoo Matching Yellow Skirt and Top
6. BooHoo Matching Pink Leopard Print Skirt and Top

*I haven't been sponsored by Netflix, I just happen to be utterly addicted to it. I pay my £6 a month and it's well worth it. Even if my mum once said 'I can see how it would be good, if you  were someone who didn't go out much. Like you.'. Thanks Mum.

Sunday, 15 September 2013


I haven't done a wishlist post in ages, I got a bit bored of making them and that made me feel like people were a bit bored of looking at them. Also I stopped looking at online shops, so I would be less tempted to buy stuff I don't need. But honestly, I wanted to make a shopping list of things I want...

1. SheInside Banana Shirt - This shirt puts the fun back in fashion!

2. Mr Gugu and Miss Go Retro Toy Dress - This Mr Gugu dress, exclusive to Truffleshuffle, is amazing. I've wanted it seen I saw it on TwinkieChan's blog.

3. Topshop Trousers - I love cigarette pants and these are such a nice colour

4. SheInside Embellished Top - I love the embellishment on this top, but it's only one size so I'm not so sure this will fit me.

5. Topshop Shoes - I've wanted a pair of shoes like this for ages, they always sell out before I can get a pair. I can't decide between these and a similar pair from Office. These are £16 cheaper than the Office pair, but I find Topshop Shoes fall apart too quickly.

6. Uniqlo Heat Tech Tees - It's heat tech time! I love heat tech and they really do work. I'm definitely getting more this year. This year Uniqlo have Celia Birtwell Print heat tech, which are really pretty.

7. Topshop Blue Midi Skirt - I'm really loving Topshop at the moment, this skirt is so cool.

8. BooHoo Body - I think that bodys are one thing from the 90s that we really don't need to repeat, they are so difficult and uncomfortable to wear. I haven't worn one since I was like 12. But it looks like I might forget how annoying they are for this one. I think it would look really good with a bell or skater style skirt for a night out. But even then it'd be so annoying to go to the toilet, esp. after a few cocktails.

Thursday, 12 September 2013

Pretty Collar

Can you believe how sunny it is in these pictures? Autumn really has crept up on us hasn't it. But last weekend it was so sunny I was wearing my shorts! How cute are these little blue and yellow beach huts.
I love cute little old fashioned polyester blouses, even if they are always see through. I got this one from the St Ann's Hospice charity shop in stockport. 

The collar is so cute, I'm hoping its going to cute sticking out from underneath a jumper now its getting a bit colder.

Wednesday, 11 September 2013

A trip to the Isle Of Wight

We got the train from London to Portsmouth, then the Wightlink Ferry over to the Isle of Wight. I was pretty apprehensive about getting on a boat as I get horribly sea sick, even if it was inly 20 minutes, but we could sit on the "sun deck" which was outside so I didn't feel so bad. It was only £14 each to get the boat too!

Then we got the train from the pier head in Ryde all the way to Sandown. The trains were ex-tube stock, which being a tube geek I enjoyed. 

Sandown was a proper old fashioned seaside down with a pier with an arcade and lots of cafes and tat shops which was just what I was looking for. And a really cute rock shop, that had a traditional rude section. We stayed in the old lady hotel, which I mentioned before and it did not disappoint. It was decorated like my granny's old house with pattern everywhere. 

The beach had that grainy golden sand. 

We walked to the dinosaur museum, which we thought would be closed. It wasn't but since it was so close to closing time we basically had the place to ourselves. We only saw one other family there, which was great. 

We played mini golf, which I was awful at. I was like Adam Sandler in Happy Gilmore, I kept throwing my club and shouting a lot. 

There was a really nice ice cream parlour with exciting flavours and teddy cones. I had turkish delight flavour with mint sprinkles. Its an odd combo but it tastes really good. All the ice cream was homemade. 

We went to the "owl and monkey haven" because that seemed like a good combination. We got there pretty early (the old lady hotel served breakfast really early) and again there was hardly anyone else there. It was quite a small zoo but it meant smaller crowds at feeding time and the staff really knew the animals and their personalities. We had a tour round the monkeys and each monkey got a boiled egg!

We went into the town Newport, that had hundreds of charity shops. The boy got quite fed up of going in them. It was pretty easy to get the bus around the island. 

The whole trip reminded me of the holidays we had when I was younger as we never went abroad, we would rent a cottage or a caravan in Cornwall or somewhere. 

Have you been to the Isle of Wight? I really recommend it!

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Vintage Tuesday: June 1968

An Isle of Wight themed vintage Tuesday. The Isle of Wight is a pretty old fashioned, vintagey place; someone said to me about my Instagram feed, that it looked like id gone away to the past with all the pictures of pretty little shops. First of all I got another 1960s June annual on the Isle of Wight. I got it from a shop in Ryde called 'Fantastic Shop' which was run by a really lovely and friendly lady. It was, at heart, a comic book store, but it was unlike any comic book store I've ever been to. I've never seen such an emphasis on vintage comics and magazines. She had some really cool stuff, old playboys, time outs from the 70s, 50s teen magazines as well as a bunch of silver age spider-man comics that I'm kinda glad the boy didn't have enough money left to buy.

I chose this June because the girl on the front reminds me so much of Sally Draper.

Also in Ryde, a whole shop dedicated to dr who. I think I found the geekiest place on the island. 
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