Sunday, 8 September 2013

Packing for the Isle of Wight

So I totally planned to schedule this post for last weekend to go up whist i was away and then post about my trip this week. but as ever life got in the way. So if you follow me on instagram (nadiacupcake) you will have already seen I went to the isle of wight for the weekend. I couldn't really afford a holiday this Summer, so I was pretty pleased to be sent some free train tickets to go wherever I want on a weekend. (I got them because I pay a bloody fortune for my annual travel-card -thanks southwest trains). We were going to go to Bournemouth, because I wanted an old lady holiday (after seeing them go to the seaside in Derek) but since the boy used to live there, we both felt a bit over Bournemouth. Then we realised we could get all the way to the Isle of Wight and I've never been before. Also there appears to be like 5 zoos. I chose our hotel based on a bad review on Trip Adviser that said it was 'grannyish'. That and the fact that it's right on the pier.

As we are only going for a very short period of time (going on Friday morning, coming back on Sunday) and we will check out of the hotel before spending the day out and will have to carry our stuff about, I've tried to only pack the essentials.

I love websites like The Burning House and seeing items all laid out ready to go somewhere, it really appeals to my sense of adventure. It also helps me to make sure I have everything (I nearly forgot to take my knickers on my year 6 residential and have never gotten over it). Also people always say they are nosy and like to see "what's in my bag posts". Who am I to deny you a nosy in my bag??

My bag was a present from a friend, but it's from H&M. It's big enough to fit all the things I need but not too ridiculous to carry about so I don't have to take a second bag. It's also very seaside-y. So what did I take?

My much loved uniqlo fold-up coat. If it gets chilly I'll have a coat but I won't have had to drag one about with me. I've got my kitty umbrella too, because if I don't, it WILL piss it down.

Dry shampoo. I'm not going for long enough for me to want to waste time faffing about with my hair/carrying about all my hair stuff. a spritz of dry shampoo will do. I particularly like this 'Mum and Me' brand one as it smells of baby powder, rather than whatever batiste is supposed to smell like.

I'm going to wear my Miss Selfridge polka dot pinafore there and then just take various white/off-white Peter Pan collared blouses to wear underneath. Pretty smart plan for interchangeable dressing I feel. And ive got my mint Laduree tee from Uniqlo too, in case i feel a bit more t-shirty. I decided to go for a navy, pink and mint colour scheme right down to my socks so everything matches even if I am going to look the same everyday. I think if your going to look the same everyday you should deff pick a look you love so you don't get fed up or decide you look silly and have no other options. I've got my denim shorts for mucking about on the beach too. 

Sun cream. Just because its the UK doesn't mean you won't burn and I think you look an utter tit burnt. I always feel like everyone is judging me when I'm burnt like "God, don't you know that sun burn causes melanoma. Why didn't you use sun cream you stupid person"

iPhone charger. Never forget your charger. I just went two weeks without my phone and I was actually the worst. I rely on it so much. 

Beauty samples. I always save my beauty samples for traveling so I don't have to lug bottles about with me. 

And I didn't forget my knickers. Another win for me.

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