Sunday, 15 September 2013


I haven't done a wishlist post in ages, I got a bit bored of making them and that made me feel like people were a bit bored of looking at them. Also I stopped looking at online shops, so I would be less tempted to buy stuff I don't need. But honestly, I wanted to make a shopping list of things I want...

1. SheInside Banana Shirt - This shirt puts the fun back in fashion!

2. Mr Gugu and Miss Go Retro Toy Dress - This Mr Gugu dress, exclusive to Truffleshuffle, is amazing. I've wanted it seen I saw it on TwinkieChan's blog.

3. Topshop Trousers - I love cigarette pants and these are such a nice colour

4. SheInside Embellished Top - I love the embellishment on this top, but it's only one size so I'm not so sure this will fit me.

5. Topshop Shoes - I've wanted a pair of shoes like this for ages, they always sell out before I can get a pair. I can't decide between these and a similar pair from Office. These are £16 cheaper than the Office pair, but I find Topshop Shoes fall apart too quickly.

6. Uniqlo Heat Tech Tees - It's heat tech time! I love heat tech and they really do work. I'm definitely getting more this year. This year Uniqlo have Celia Birtwell Print heat tech, which are really pretty.

7. Topshop Blue Midi Skirt - I'm really loving Topshop at the moment, this skirt is so cool.

8. BooHoo Body - I think that bodys are one thing from the 90s that we really don't need to repeat, they are so difficult and uncomfortable to wear. I haven't worn one since I was like 12. But it looks like I might forget how annoying they are for this one. I think it would look really good with a bell or skater style skirt for a night out. But even then it'd be so annoying to go to the toilet, esp. after a few cocktails.


Hips Like Cinderella said...

I love the embellished blue blouse! xx

Hips Like Cinderella

carla ortega said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
carla ortega said...

i am really obsessed with that kind of dress (2).make me feel in a dream, unfortunately here in my coutry i never found a dress like that...

Nadia said...

Would truffle shuffle not be able to deliver to you? they ship to alot of countries.

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