Monday, 9 December 2013

A Visit to Louisiana Museum of Modern Art

I actually thought I'd do an outfit post everyday in Copenhagen or at least take the photos for one. But it was so cold that I had my coat on all the time and I don't think I could stretch one coat into several outfit posts. I didn't find many decent indoor places for outfit pictures and tbh I don't think my dad entirely understood what I wanted anyway.

But I did manage to get one at the Louisiana art gallery. It was still freezing but I have totally mastered the art of layered dressing and I wasn't at all cold when I took these photos. I have a uniqlo heat tech tee as a base layer (seriously, go buy 100 of these, they're so useful) then a topshop collared tee because that adds an extra layer and looks super cute poking out  and then on top of that this short sleeved sweatshirt which I really like. I got it in the charity shop, it's from Dorothy Perkins originally but it's a sample (it had all it's sample labeling inside) which means it's brand new and potentially the only one too. All for about £3. And then my cashmere leopard print cardigan on top of that. Decent cashmere is well worth the investment since it's super warm as well as being so so soft. It doesn't to tend to go out of fashion either, it just always looks classic. I bought this cardigan in the sales for about £60 which is a lot for a cardigan but not a lot for a cashmere cardigan, especially as this one was reduced from about £300. 

So I don't think I look too bulky but I'm still super cosy. I ended up with the cat skirt from H&M as well as the dress and then I saw that every other blogger had the same one. I'm never sure how I feel about that. It feels like everyone has it and I don't want to wear it but then actually no one i know in real life has it...

On to the art gallery, which I really loved. It is well worth the trip if your ever in Copenhagen. It's not actually in the city it's in a woods outside the city, you can get the train from Central station. We bought combined train and entrance tickets from the ticket office which is cheaper and also saves you from queuing when you get there since we arrived just before opening at 11 and there was a massive crowd (of loud English a-level art students -ugh, was I that annoying once?). A note for queues in central station and also the post office in Copenhagen, you don't line up and form an orderly queue, instead you take a ticket and wait for your number to be called like in a deli (or at the passport office which I learnt the hard way, loosing my passport a week before I was due to travel.)

The gallery is based outside as well as indoors so there are sculptures outside. It's right by the sea too so there are some amazing views of the sea as well as the art to look at. The gallery really uses it environment with big windows and a conservatory part (a bit like the Tate at St Ives). The air felt really fresh maybe because it's by sea but maybe it was just in my head.

Another thing I really enjoyed about Louisiana was that it wasn't just the art that was beautiful, the interior was really well designed and varied. This lift was inside, which was part of the whole inside/outside feel of the gallery, with plants inside and sculptures outside.

The building goes in a big loop, starting with an old fashioned house with modern parts extending out of it.

Even the bricks outside the building looked good.

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