Friday, 6 December 2013


So I haven't been abroad in forever so I was super excited when my dad asked me if I wanted to go on holiday. I decided I wanted to go to Copenhagen, because it seemed pretty trendy and also looked a lot like toy town. (My dad has been to the Faroe Islands and I felt that looked like toy town as well, so maybe all of Denmark looks like toy town). It did not disappoint on the toy town front. There were rows and rows of colourful houses. 

And the soldiers looked like something from the nutcracker. They march through the main shopping area every day. They aren't like British ones where they aren't allowed to react at all. Or maybe they are and they weren't very good at it. This one was looking at everyone and telling people off for standing too close to him. He even told my dad off even though he was the opposite side from him to take this photo of the the cute heart cut outs in their huts. 

This super colourful building is a cinema!

Cycling is huge in Copenhagen, bigger than in London. They have separated off cycle lanes, separated by a kerb and god help you if you step into one. They even have bike traffic jams at rush hour. Because everyone has a bike a lot of people have cool ones to stand out. I recon that a lot of these bikes would be nicked in London but in Copenhagen people just park their bike and leave it, expensive accessories and all, no lock. I think Copenhagen is a more honest city than London, in the museums they just have coat pegs instead of cloakrooms and it's okay to just leave it and they don't have ticket barriers on the trains.

I think pick n mix is a big deal there. I remember reading something about in Sweden that pick n mix is a traditional thing to get on a Saturday from a big pick n mix shop. But they had lots of pick n mix shops in Copenhagen too and they were pandemonium on a weekend, full of sugared up children. I tried to choose pick n mix that I'd never seen before.

The tubes in Copenhagen don't have drivers either. At the front of the train is just a big window and the tunnels are all lit up so you can see/pretend you're driving the train. Although to be honest I didn't really use the tube very much, the buses were very good and tbh it's a small enough city to walk about most places. I also think you discover a bit more if you're walking places.

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