Thursday, 12 December 2013

Shopping in Copenhagen

Copenhagen is super expensive, even if you're used to London prices. And they don't really have cheap shops, the cheapest clothes shop I saw was a Zara. And don't think that h&m, &otherstories and monki will be cheaper because you're on their turf. They were actually more expensive after the exchange rate than the £ price marked on the label. I wasn't too impressed with the high street fashion offering nor the department stores fashion departments. I think where Copenhagen has anything interesting is in the small boutiques and on homewares. I didn't really buy any clothes what with the ones I could afford being available in London and the really cool stuff being way out of my price range. 

The tiger in Copenhagen was pretty epic too. I actually got really over excited about it. I told the woman I'd never seen one so big and she told me it was the biggest in the world. Three massive floors of tiger goodness. They sold a lot of stuff the same as the uk tigers, some stuff I'd missed before it sold out here and sone stuff I'd never seen before. Some of the prices are the same as the U.K., some are cheaper, some are more expensive. 

The charity shops though were really good and very reasonably priced even compared to the uk. I don't think that charity shops are particularly cool in Denmark. They weren't organised and curated like uk charity shops, they were more higgledy piggledy and you had to have a good rummage. I actually prefer this and I found some great stuff (a lot of which would have never fit in my suitcase)

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