Sunday, 29 December 2013

Things that I ate in Copenhagen Part 1

Another Copenhagen post! I said I had a lot to talk about... This time I'm posting about the things that I ate whist I was in Denmark. The traditional lunch time food is smørrebrød, which is described in the guide book as an 'open sandwich' but if you ask me is a small piece of rye breadth with as much piled up on top of it as will fit. My first experience of smørrebrød wasn't traditional smørrebrød at all. When we arrived we went to a cafe called The royal smushi cafe, which we just stumbled upon. I loved it there. They had a counter full of cakes and nail polishes displayed on top. 

They sold a bunch of different things there. And the decor was really pretty, I tried to get some outfit pictures, but I was looking as if I'd just been on a plane. Which I had. 

A smushi is a cross between a smørrebrød and sushi, which I really noticed, before I found out that's actually what it was. 

Me and my dad decided to get one of each and share all 6 so we'd get to try them all. This one had white beetroot in and I knew I recognised the taste and it reminded me of my granny's house but I just couldn't figure out what it was and I knew it would drive me mad. 

They also had a huge selection of teas, so many I couldn't choose. I just asked the waiter to bring me 'the best one'. 

My next smørrebrød was in a pub down on Nyhavn which is where there is an inlet from the sea and is lined with pubs and restaurants. I liked that Denmark had pubs. There's parts of Europe where there's only bars, but Denmark isn't one of them. The Nyhavn was really busy in the day time but when we went back in the evening it was dead. I'm not sure of its because it's winter or not. We tried to get smørrebrød at dinner time, but only one place was still serving it. This one was alright. I don't actually like fish, but in the name of trying new things and local culture and that, I ate fish. And I still don't like it. 

I also had a pancake in a pub down on Nyhavn. I'd gotten into my head that pancakes were a pretty  Scandinavian thing to eat, since I remember Mrs Pepperpot's husband always banging on about them, but maybe he just really liked pancakes. Either way this pancake was the same as any other, except it had like 5 toppings; strawberries, chocolate, ice cream, jam and whipped cream. As standard, that's not just me being greedy. I also noticed that knives and forks look different in Copenhagen, longer and thinner. 

I had smørrebrød again on my last day at a fancy food market near Nørreport station. This was quite traditional I felt and the man serving it seemed pretty passionate about his food. I had a pork one that was kinda like Wiener Schnitzel and one with steak tartar on which is a really nice steak, minced and served raw. I wasn't so sure about it, but I do like rare steak so I thought I'd give it a go and it was nothing like I expected. Either raw meat doesn't have the taste and texture you'd expect or steak tartar doesn't taste like raw meat. 

I didn't only eat Smørebrod in Copenhagen. I had a hotdog from 7/11, except it didn't come in a hotdog bun, it came in a hollowed out French stick which the lady had some sort of technique for getting ketchup all the way down. 

I ate this nougat bar which was freaking delicious but probably cost more than £1. Denmark is expensive. 

A squishy from 7/11. Okay, they called it a different name and I couldn't understand some of the flavours. This one was "Copenhagen" flavour and tasted citrusy but very very sweet. There were 7/11s everywhere in the city, one on every corner. 

I've rambled on for long enough about what I ate in Copenhagen and it's made me hungry now, so I'll do another post about everything else I ate.


Hips Like Cinderella said...

Wow yum! Love the look of the smushi cafe! X

Kurosakuranbo said...

This is so funny - I ended up here because of the pink hair color and i just love to read about your trip. I live in Copenhagen and i did not know how other people saw all the Danish traditions and foods. Thanks!

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