Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Vintage Tuesdays: Hammersmith Vintage Fair

This is a slightly different vintage Tuesday from before, I thought it might be interesting if I mixed it up a bit. So this Tuesday I'm going to post about the vintage fair at Hammersmith town hall. The fair has been going for quite a while but I'd hadn't been in a couple of years so on Sunday I thought I'd revisit.

Vintage fairs can be better for vintage than vintage shops as you are usually talking to the owner of the stall so you can haggle. I also find you get more unusual and interest things at a fair as a lot of people there are major vintage enthusiasts. They also tend to have more valuable/older things, 20s flapper dresses (for about £300) theatre costumes and a few Victorian bits and pieces. The owners usually know about their stock and are happy to have a chat with you. Although that doesn't stop them trying to sell you every single thing you look at (I once had a lady tell me every single time I picked up a handbag what amazing quality it was) which I find off putting. Or worse being outright rude to your face. The changing rooms are never up to much, at Hammersmith you just go to the toilets. 

Hammersmith is one of the better vintage fairs in London, being reasonably priced and most of the dealers being friendly, unlike 'frock me' at Chelsea town hall which is a lot more expensive and a lot of the stalls are the same. It isn't the biggest of fairs but they do pack a lot in and it's mostly fashion with a little bric-a-brac. You could tell kimonos are fashionable right now, I saw hundreds of beautiful, hand painted ones all with price tags I couldn't afford.

There was a woman selling vintage toys too! She had so much cool stuff. I bought this pretty cool tin wind up chicken for just £5.

The fair is once a month and costs £5 to get in, unless they've sent you an email, then it's free. It's well worth going to, even just to look around.

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