Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Sleepy Tea Time

Lately I've been having trouble sleeping and I hate taking Nytol or anything like that (They make me feel like a bright light is being shone in my eyes and I'm being forced to sleep) so I was looking for some sleepy tea. I've drunk Clipper brand sleepy tea since my days in Uni halls when I'd have to sleep through parties upstairs and arguments downstairs, but for ages I couldn't find any clipper tea. And let me tell you, I tried 3 other brands and all of them tasted vile (Pukka Tea was one and one with something about bedfordshire on the box were both awful). So if you're looking for a sleepy tea that tastes good, try Clipper. Or if you're desperate you can mix a teaspoon of nutmeg into a glass of warm water. I actually don't like nutmeg so I don't think this tastes great but I do find it works. 

Can you recommend any other sleepy teas that don't taste awful?

Sunday, 27 April 2014

Back to Blogging

I've been a bit of a bad blogger haven't I. No posts for 3 months although it feels like so much longer for me. I just haven't really felt like it and I have been super stressed out with work. Now that I have the job I wanted in fashion, I don't feel as much like making collages of catwalk trends when I get home. But during my absence I still kept coming up with ideas for posts and even took a few outfit photos, so I wanted to come back to blogging. I also feel like the blog will give me something to focus on other than work. I think there will be more lifestyle and DIY posts and personal style posts than before, but that's okay. I also I have a bunch of posts all written up about my trip to Copenhagen back in November that I will also put up. So I suppose I'll get back to it with some outfit photos that were taken ages ago, February I think, before it started to warm up...

I've worn this tutu a few times on the blog, it's just one of those things that I keep going back to again and again. It's from Topshop ages ago, they've done it several times in different colours, I have four! I can't remember if I've worn this silk shirt on the blog before, but it was from H&M in the sale and only cost £5 even though it's 100% silk. I also tied a black ribbon around the collar.

My shoes are Kickers from TK Maxx, I can't remember how much they were, but I do remember they were a bargain, at least half price. They are super comfy, I had to break them in like my DMs but now they are super comfy. I got my tail coat from a charity shop, for just £10. I got the trousers that go with it too. The label on the inside says "Selfridge Man Shop". I was so happy when it fit me. The woman in the charity shop told me she thought the woman who donated it's husband must have been a waiter since she donated so many pairs of smart black trousers - :S

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