Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Art Pass - Garden Museum

One of the best things about London is all the museums and galleries it has, although in a proper London fashion, I never get round to going to any of them. Most people I know (including me) bought memberships to various museums and gallery thinking they'd be so cultured and go all the time before spending most of their time in Topshop and drinking cocktails. I bought a Tate membership and mostly I went to the members cafe rather than any exhibitions. So a much better plan is to get an Art Pass which gets you half price into a lot of the major exhibitions at the Tate, V&A etc. and it only costs about £20. It works out if you go to 4 major exhibitions (at about £10 full price tickets) you'll have gotten your moneys worth. And that's not including all the museums and galleries you can go to for free! So the first museum I have been to is the Garden Museum in Lambeth.

The Garden Museum is one of those small specialist museums that you find a lot of in London that I find really interesting. When I went they had an exhibition on Fashion & Gardens, although this has just closed. Don't expect a huge V&A style exhibition, just a couple of small rooms but no crowds either. The museum is in a converted church and in the main room is an amazing display of flowers hanging down from the ceiling. Me and my friend spent ages taking photos of it.

The work is by Rebecca Louise Law, who creates art using flowers. This is my kind of art installation. I think it would be a really good idea for a wedding but would probably take ages. And probably would cost a fortune.

The museum is in an old church, with a lot of original features. The light was fantastic.

Eee, I'm such a Valentino fan I loved seeing this cape in all it's close up glory. Shame I couldn't try it on. I also liked that it was inspired by the garden but wasn't so much floral.

Upstairs is an interesting (I assume permanent) exhibition about gardens and gardening.

I do love how something being old or in another language makes it so much more appealing.

I wonder what makes a parsnip a 'student' and a carrot 'intermediate'?

I didn't eat in the cafe, but I have heard it's great. I really liked the home kitchen vibe it had.

It would be kind of weird if the garden museum didn't have a garden. But it does, although it wasn't quite spring enough for all the flowers when I went, so it was mostly just green. I think I will visit again when all the flowers come out as it was very pretty

Afterwards we walked to St James Park where I practiced taking photos with my new DSLR. Hopefully it means there will be much better photos here on the blog (I've been using my compact and iphone) but I still need lots of practice.

I love this little park keepers cottage, designed to look like a Swiss chalet to contract with all the grand government and royal buildings that surround the park.

At about 2.30ish you can see the pelicans getting fed at the duck pond. It's a pretty gross sight really, but the pelicans (which are much bigger than you'd think - like scary big) come really close up to get their fish and it's fun for a cheap as free activity in London.

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