Sunday, 22 June 2014

Blue Vintage Dress

I love this vintage dress. I got it in my favourite charity shop in Buxton; Lighthouse. It's really cool because it's basically run like a vintage shop. I have so many amazing dresses from there. 

This one has a super flattering shape and I love the print. It looks like the contact less payment logo! I love contact less payment, I've actually started just tapping my card on all card readers incase it's a contact less one. 

It's made from crimpolene so it be a bit warm but I once spilt tea down my front, and literally went to the bathroom, ran my front under the tap, the stain rinsed out in seconds and then stood under the dryer for less than a minute and I was dry. We should make more dresses out of crimpoline. 

My shoes are from New Look. I wanted them for a while but I couldn't order them online because I had a credit note. So I went to new look in Cardiff to buy them but they didn't have any instock. But the girl in the shop told me she could ordered them online for me, I'd pay there and then (with my credit note) and then they'd deliver to my office and I wouldn't have to pay any postage! That's amazing. I was a bit worried my big toe would poke out of them and they'd be uncomfortable but they don't do that at all. 

Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Jelly shoes

I love jelly shoes. They are ridiculously comfy (which people do ask) and I think they look so cool. They are cheap too snd don't get all scuffed up easily. My mum wouldn't buy me any when I was little because she didn't (and still doesn't) believe in plastic shoes. I had such a saga buying them though. I opted for a couple of cheap pairs first; a £6 pair and a more expensive pair from new look for £15. Because who wants to spend money on juju's when cheap ones look the same and they're all plastic anyways. I was all ready to buy the glittery ones from primark too. And then after about 4 wears the £6 ones broke. On both feet. In the same place. I was gutted but assumed it was my feet since they're a funny shape. Then the exact same thing happened to my new look ones! The same place as before. I was actually gutted, my jelly shoe dream was over. 

So I decided to invest in a pair of juju jellies and if these broke, I'd be able to return them. So I ordered these pink babies on Asos. When my size 6s arrived, my heel was hanging way off the back! So I had to send them back - still disappointed. Then I was in Brixton, in a pretty random charity shop and I found a brand new with tags pair of black juju jellies! They weren't the clumpy heel pair that I'd really wanted but they fitted perfectly so I decided it was meant to be. They were just £6 too. 

I decided that juju's sizing was a bit all over the place and went to office to try and buy a pair. They didn't have a coral left in a 7 though. So I went on depop, my new favourite app and bought a pair of lilac ones, which I'd never seen in the shops. They were only £10. They are second hand which I'd usually be a bit funny about but they are so plasticky it doesn't bother me like usual. There are a lot of people selling new with tags pairs as well, so if you're after a bargain pair I recommend depop. On depop I saw a lot of people selling the 7s saying they fit like 6s so it's not just me and my massive feet. 

It's well worth investing in the Juju jelly shoes if you want a pair of jellies because although they cost more they are worth it - I've worn mine loads and they haven't broken. You can see the quality straight away, jelly shoes in high street shops feel like stiff plastic but the juju's feel soft ad wibbly. They are really comfy despite what you'd expect although I've never even tried them on without socks because that does look uncomfortable. It's not a problem - it's not like I don't have hundreds of cool frilly socks. They just feel soft under your feet. 

Sunday, 8 June 2014

Art pass - Fan Museum

Since I've had my Art Pass since November and hardly used it, I decided to look in the guidebook and see what museums I could visit for free. Some of the museums being free to Art Pass is great because it means I end up going to museums that I might not otherwise consider. So I decided (on a recommendation) to go to visit the Fan Museum in Greenwich.

The fan museum is in an beautiful house in Greenwich and started by a lady who blates just bloody loves fans. There's an amazing painting of her and her husband where he looks completely bored of fans. The fan museum is another museum that is pretty tiny. 

They had some fans and painting depicting Marie Antoinette and I had to remember that they don't really look like Kirsten Dunst and Jason Schwatzman. I really loved some of the pretty wedding fans, these were some of my favourites. There were some interesting funeral ones too. They had several cheap paper fans with adverts for funeral homes on. All from different funeral homes in different towns. I wonder who decided that promotional fans were the best way to advertise your funeral services? I didn't take many photos as everything was behind glass. 

Downstairs there was a fan themed garden which was roped off when I went but the guide book implied you could go in. Maybe it was closed whist the flowers and grass grow in. And then in the conservatory you could have afternoon tea. The conservatory was beautifully painted by a theatre set designer and looking out on the garden was a really lovely spot for afternoon tea. A great value one too, £7 for tea, scone, cream and jam, and two pieces of cake! I only had tea and scone because I'd already eaten a picnic in the royal naval collage grounds.

Afterwards we went up the big hill to the royal observatory to look out over London and we saw a movie being filmed too. 

I'm not sponsored by art pass or anything but I do think you should go and get one. 

Friday, 6 June 2014

Tie Front Blouse and Polka Dot Skirt

I've really got to quit the Primark habit. I was looking at these pictures and almost everything is from Primark. I just can't help myself, when ever I go in there's always something I want that's so cheap.  So I do look a bit like I've rolled around in Primark. 

My skirt was a real bargain though. I'd only gone into Primark to buy some plain black tights but I was looking on that random rail they sometimes have at the back with all the stuff they just want to get rid off. This skirt was only £1! It's a size 6 - which I'm definitely not - but the waist band is elastic and it definitely fits. 

My shirt is from select - not Primark!! I do actually get a bit fed up of buying everything in Primark because everyone else has the same stuff. The denim on this shirt is thicker and nicer than Primark anyway. I got it because I've been wanting a tie front denim shirt after watching a bunch of old episodes of friends. Rachel has such cool style in the early episodes -all tied blouses and dungarees. And we have the same job too! I literally want to be Rachel. 

And all my accessories are from Primark. Sunglasses, hair clips and necklace. I bought the necklace because a girl I know always wears really nice statement necklaces, but all hers are off eBay from China. I couldn't wait that long so I ran to Primark for a cheap one. I probably should have waited, the chain on it is way too short, I had to wear it clipped on the very last link and it was only just long enough. 

Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Things I found and Liked

I was clicking around on The Guardian, having read everything Hadley Freeman has written ever and found this series for children on how to draw various children's book characters, written by the illustrators themselves. Some annoyed me a bit since they weren't proper instructions, some I knew (Nick Sharatt drawing bieber, Little Bear) and others I didn't but I enjoyed doing the drawing anyway. I like that the instructions were for children so I didn't misunderstand them. It's pretty fun to do with someone else and see how much better than you they are at drawing...

I love these Prada videos by Wes Anderson. They don't seem to show any clothes at all, they seem to be more about the vibe and profile of the brand.

Sunday, 1 June 2014

Homemade Burgers

I thought I'd share my recipe for homemade burgers - which I always think of a cheap alternative to going to Byron! They're that tasty! They are also super easy to make, I've been making these since I was a child, although back then I thought of them as homemade Mc Donald's!

This is great for when you're feeling a bit skint but still want a nice burger. They are extra special if you do double burgers with bacon! I once worked out that to make 2 double burgers and chips it cost about £4.50 which is about half the cost of one burger in most places (and if you know where I can get a burger for this much, you have to share!)

You will need: 

Mince beef 
Lea and Perrins
Burger buns

Optional Extras:

This make enough for 2 double burgers or 4 single burgers. First of all you need to marinade the meat in Lea & Perrins. It's best if you can do it over night but an hour or so will do it too. If you don't even have that long you can just put a little Lea and Perrins and go to the next step.

Next you need to put a dob of ketchup and a dob of mustard. I use wholegrain but you can use whatever really.

Then you need to squish it all up so that it doesn't look all wiggley anymore and it will all stick together.

So it looks likes this.

 Divide it into four and roll them into a ball, then squish them into a flat burger shape. Try to make sure their stuck together.

Press a dimp into the middle of the burger. This helps the burger cook evenly.

Put all the burgers onto a plate and put them in the fridge. Whist they are in the fridge you need to cook the bacon and chop the salad.

Once the bacon is cooked you need to grill the burgers for about 10 minutes. Then you just need to build your burger.

You can complete the meal with rosemary chips. Mine aren't as good as honest burgers, I don't know how they get them so rosemary-y, but they are pretty good and a bit fancier than regular chips. I just get regular oven chips and drizzle some oil over them and put some rosemary on.

So there you have it. Tell me if you have a go at these and let me know how it turns out. Now if only I could figure out how to make the deep fried pickles from meat liquor...

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