Sunday, 8 June 2014

Art pass - Fan Museum

Since I've had my Art Pass since November and hardly used it, I decided to look in the guidebook and see what museums I could visit for free. Some of the museums being free to Art Pass is great because it means I end up going to museums that I might not otherwise consider. So I decided (on a recommendation) to go to visit the Fan Museum in Greenwich.

The fan museum is in an beautiful house in Greenwich and started by a lady who blates just bloody loves fans. There's an amazing painting of her and her husband where he looks completely bored of fans. The fan museum is another museum that is pretty tiny. 

They had some fans and painting depicting Marie Antoinette and I had to remember that they don't really look like Kirsten Dunst and Jason Schwatzman. I really loved some of the pretty wedding fans, these were some of my favourites. There were some interesting funeral ones too. They had several cheap paper fans with adverts for funeral homes on. All from different funeral homes in different towns. I wonder who decided that promotional fans were the best way to advertise your funeral services? I didn't take many photos as everything was behind glass. 

Downstairs there was a fan themed garden which was roped off when I went but the guide book implied you could go in. Maybe it was closed whist the flowers and grass grow in. And then in the conservatory you could have afternoon tea. The conservatory was beautifully painted by a theatre set designer and looking out on the garden was a really lovely spot for afternoon tea. A great value one too, £7 for tea, scone, cream and jam, and two pieces of cake! I only had tea and scone because I'd already eaten a picnic in the royal naval collage grounds.

Afterwards we went up the big hill to the royal observatory to look out over London and we saw a movie being filmed too. 

I'm not sponsored by art pass or anything but I do think you should go and get one. 

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