Sunday, 22 June 2014

Blue Vintage Dress

I love this vintage dress. I got it in my favourite charity shop in Buxton; Lighthouse. It's really cool because it's basically run like a vintage shop. I have so many amazing dresses from there. 

This one has a super flattering shape and I love the print. It looks like the contact less payment logo! I love contact less payment, I've actually started just tapping my card on all card readers incase it's a contact less one. 

It's made from crimpolene so it be a bit warm but I once spilt tea down my front, and literally went to the bathroom, ran my front under the tap, the stain rinsed out in seconds and then stood under the dryer for less than a minute and I was dry. We should make more dresses out of crimpoline. 

My shoes are from New Look. I wanted them for a while but I couldn't order them online because I had a credit note. So I went to new look in Cardiff to buy them but they didn't have any instock. But the girl in the shop told me she could ordered them online for me, I'd pay there and then (with my credit note) and then they'd deliver to my office and I wouldn't have to pay any postage! That's amazing. I was a bit worried my big toe would poke out of them and they'd be uncomfortable but they don't do that at all. 

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Hips Like Cinderella said...

Love the dress and how you've styled it! X

Hips Like Cinderella

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