Saturday, 26 July 2014

That's Some Good Squishy

Another all primark outfit -oops, such a looser. I just love this cool Bart Simpson tee though. It was only £6 although the turn up on the sleeves have come undone. And my skirt was only £3 in the sale. 

I've had my converse forever, since I was 16 I think, but they are still going strong. Another pair of shoes it was well worth spending extra on. I still remember buying them, I got them on a trip to London (I grew up in Manchester) and I wanted to go to Poste Mistress in Covent garden to get some converse no one back home would have (I don't think office owned it back then). My granny bought then for me and was surprised they were £30, she said 'they were only £10 last time.' She meant 30 years ago when she'd bought my dad a pair.

I wore this casual outfit for a walk around Holland Park although when I was there I felt like maybe I should have worn a flowery dress. There were so many flowers everywhere and in the sunshine it really made for a lovely afternoon. 

Whenever I go to Holland Park I always think of when I was doing my dissertation on debutants and I watched a documentary and this man was talking about a party he was at and kissing a girl in the bushes in the garden. Then he just said - that's holland park now. Imagine Holland Park being your garden!

I wanted to go to the Japanese Tranquillity Garden because it was on Buzzfeeds top 18 hidden gardens in London - so it's got to be good right? And it was. There was a waterfall and koi fish and a peacock wandering around. They only thing that ruined it were all the people who missed the sign that said children weren't allowed to run about and play they had to be quiet. I can imagine in the week or on a less sunny day it's a really peaceful spot. 

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Rachael said...

Beautiful outfit - I especially love the sunglasses, they're so cute and really suit you! You're photography is amazing too! :) x

Rachael |

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