Monday, 28 July 2014

Tile Print Skirt

 I feel so new season in this skirt - I know it's terrible, it's finally hot enough to wear the best of my summer wardrobe and I'm already moving into autumn. I just love these tile prints so much and the colour on this skirt is amazing. It's from primark as usual and the fabric isn't the nicest but the print really is. 

The cut of the skirt feels kind of sporty although I probably should have bought a size bigger but I didn't try it on (who queues for the changing rooms in primark?!?) and then I was so eager to wear it to work I just ripped the tags off the next morning before I even considered that I'd need to swap it. Never mind it doesn't look so terrible and for £9 who can complain. 

I took these photos in a patch of grass in front of my house (I suppose you call it a verge) that someone has planted a million wild flowers on. They are bee friendly ones I think and I'm so glad they did. They make me feel happy when ever I walk past them. I got really annoyed when some careless jerkwad drove their car over them and they are a little flattened in places from all the thunderstorms we've been having in London lately. I've been really resisting picking any to press because they look so good and I don't want to ruin them for everyone else. 

I wanted a picture of the cat in the flowers but I think maybe he's afraid of bees because he wouldn't sit in them. 

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Unknown said...

Love that skirt - the print is gorgeous! And you cat is so cute <3 :)

Eve & Faye x
Sugar Spun Sisters | A blog about cosmetics, clothes & coeliac disease

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