Sunday, 31 August 2014

Crop Top and Blue Skirt

Going to Grasse was the day trip I was most looking forward to. Grasse is a town inland from Nice where they produce the ingredients for most perfumes. Everything in Grasse is yellow too.

I bought this skirt back in like February from a charity shop in Buxton, for this holiday - does anyone else do that? It's from Marks and Spencer's originally and it's lined so it seems like it's really good quality. Not bad for only £4.99. I wasn't sure about what top to wear with this skirt, the top I'd planned looked awful with it. I really wasn't sure about the crop top, but I think it looks okay actually. 

In August they have all these pipes in the streets and they mist the streets with perfume. I was really looking forward to this, but when I first arrived I couldn't smell anything!

The Fragonard perfume factory is in Grasse. I really liked these vintage labels. I have some more so I might try and make them downloadable.

They still use flowers and other natural ingredients - I kinda assumed they used synthetic chemicals these days. They put used to put the flowers in fat and the fat absorbs the smells, then they melted the fat in alcohol - although now they have more modern techniques to extract the smells from the flowers.

This is how I looked for most of the holiday!

Some of the photos from Dan Doolan

Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Nice Flower Market and Modern Art Museum

Hello from the Cote D' Azur! I can't believe I'm actually blogging - I always mean to when I go away but never actually do. This has been a much more relaxing holiday than I've ever been on though - I'm more interested in exploring a city than lying on the beach but on this trip there has been plenty of both.

I felt so French when I went to the food market. This is the first time in ages I've been in France without someone who is fluent in French and I was surprised at how much French I can remember when I'm put on the spot esp. as I only did French until year 9 (over 10 years ago boohoo). On other trips having someone with me to do the talking has made me lazy and not bother. I was asking for all sorts to cook some meals for my fam, who I'm on holiday with.

I borrowed my Lulu Guinness sunglasses from my Mum (She got them in TK Maxx, she has so many designer sunglasses from there) and I also borrowed the head scarf from her which is vintage. I guess this must be an advantage of going on holiday with girlfriends - you can borrow clothes from them. I've never been on a girly holiday, but I'd like to.

We got to the flower market kinda late - which always happens to me when I go to Columbia Road too - so a lot of the best flowers were gone already. There were still a lot of nice flowers though.

I really love cacti atm, I was trying to figure out how I could get one of these home on the plane. I love all the little flowers on them.

You wouldn't think that hopping the channel (sort of) would mean getting different sorts of vegetables, but there were about 5 different kinds of courgette that I've never seen before on the market. I also ate some soca on the market which is a traditional sort of pancake type thing, made out of chick peas - disappointingly it doesn't taste like chick pea (which I love) but it was good anyways.

After the market, we went to the modern art gallery. I always enjoy modern art galleries. The top floor of the gallery was the roof which had amazing views of the city.

My dress is vintage and from the Cancer Research charity shop in Notting Hill and only cost £9.99. I got it ages ago but haven't really worn it because it's so summer. The neck line is a bit dodgy and I've meaning to adjust it for ages, but I'll probably never get around to it.

All the buildings are a sunny yellow!

I don't much see the point in taking photos of art, unless a sculpture has been put somewhere that really adds to the piece. I love the way these squares frame the view from the top of the gallery.

Have you been to Nice? Any suggestions of places to go?

Some of the photos from Dan Doolan

Thursday, 7 August 2014

Packaging Museum

Gosh, I've been hanging round Notting Hill again a lot lately. This time I went to revisit the packaging museum, which is right by Alice Temperly's Union Jack shop.

 I've been to the packaging museum before but it was quite a while ago and me and my sister thought my dad would enjoy it as he could look at things from when he was young and reminisce. I'm not old enough to be looking back very far when I'm there but it is surprising to see things from the 90s and notice that they are in fact different now, you'd just never noticed. 

I do really enjoy looking at all the old packaging, I wish everything still looked like this! But I guess then it would seem normal to me and not at all interesting or cool. 

I like seeing products we still have now like birds eye fish fingers and seeing how different they looked back then. 

The museum is owned by Robert Opie who makes all the cool vintage home wear stuff. I saw the postcard my work notebook is based on! I guess if you've got a massive collection of vintage packaging (the woman told me he has a warehouse full of just yoghurt pots) that's probably the best thing to do with it. 

Have you been to the packaging museum?

Ps no art pass discount on this one :( But I think they might do 241 with the trains.

Tuesday, 5 August 2014

She doesn't even go here!

Mean girls has had such an influence on fashion lately, in a funny way. We aren't all cutting boob holes in our tops or pink on Wednesdays (although I think that would be a great idea for a weekly blog post of pink outfits - I may try this) but there are so many mean girls inspired slogan tees around, it shows what an influence the film had on a generation. And it was written by Tina Fey. 

And I know Mean Girls was made 10 years ago, I don't need to keep being told - I already felt old as it was! (I'm looking at you buzzfeed!)
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