Sunday, 31 August 2014

Crop Top and Blue Skirt

Going to Grasse was the day trip I was most looking forward to. Grasse is a town inland from Nice where they produce the ingredients for most perfumes. Everything in Grasse is yellow too.

I bought this skirt back in like February from a charity shop in Buxton, for this holiday - does anyone else do that? It's from Marks and Spencer's originally and it's lined so it seems like it's really good quality. Not bad for only £4.99. I wasn't sure about what top to wear with this skirt, the top I'd planned looked awful with it. I really wasn't sure about the crop top, but I think it looks okay actually. 

In August they have all these pipes in the streets and they mist the streets with perfume. I was really looking forward to this, but when I first arrived I couldn't smell anything!

The Fragonard perfume factory is in Grasse. I really liked these vintage labels. I have some more so I might try and make them downloadable.

They still use flowers and other natural ingredients - I kinda assumed they used synthetic chemicals these days. They put used to put the flowers in fat and the fat absorbs the smells, then they melted the fat in alcohol - although now they have more modern techniques to extract the smells from the flowers.

This is how I looked for most of the holiday!

Some of the photos from Dan Doolan

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