Thursday, 7 August 2014

Packaging Museum

Gosh, I've been hanging round Notting Hill again a lot lately. This time I went to revisit the packaging museum, which is right by Alice Temperly's Union Jack shop.

 I've been to the packaging museum before but it was quite a while ago and me and my sister thought my dad would enjoy it as he could look at things from when he was young and reminisce. I'm not old enough to be looking back very far when I'm there but it is surprising to see things from the 90s and notice that they are in fact different now, you'd just never noticed. 

I do really enjoy looking at all the old packaging, I wish everything still looked like this! But I guess then it would seem normal to me and not at all interesting or cool. 

I like seeing products we still have now like birds eye fish fingers and seeing how different they looked back then. 

The museum is owned by Robert Opie who makes all the cool vintage home wear stuff. I saw the postcard my work notebook is based on! I guess if you've got a massive collection of vintage packaging (the woman told me he has a warehouse full of just yoghurt pots) that's probably the best thing to do with it. 

Have you been to the packaging museum?

Ps no art pass discount on this one :( But I think they might do 241 with the trains.

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