Tuesday, 16 September 2014

30 before 30

When I was writing my 27 before 27 list I kept thinking of longer term plans of things I'd like to do but I really need more than a year to do. I'm realistic, me! Even more realism - I'd love to go to India and japan, but I won't be able to afford to go on so many holidays in the next 4 years!

1. Pay off all debts - I'm one of those girls you read about in the papers; racked up a bunch of debts super easily on clothes and going out and is now stuck. I won't say how much it is but it's a lot and I don't want to be stuck with them forever. I've made a good start on this - by the end of the month I will have paid a credit card off in full!

2. Go to New York - I've only been once and that was on a college trip. I'd like to do the big apple properly. 

3. Learn to crochet - I can knit and I can sew but I can't crochet and I really want to be able to make amigurumi. My mum tried to teach me once but it didn't really help much. I'm a visual kinetic learner so ideally I need someone to sit and teach me. I'm actually on my way with this one too - I've booked a lesson at tea and craft. 

4. Use up fabric stash - I have a huge stash of fabric (I did used to work in a fabric shop) and I never use any of it. Some because when I'm looking for a bit of fabric to use it's ear marked for some vague plan I have. I need to either actually make the vague plans a reality or use the fabric for something else. 

5. Move house - I like my flat but I don't love it. I should move somewhere I love. 

6. Eat a Michelin star- I've just always really wanted to eat a michelin starred restaurant. 

7. Go to Amsterdam - living in the uk makes us so lucky, we can just hop across to Europe and experience a totally different county. I don't think I make the most of this.

8. Go to Glastonbury - I just think this is something everyone should do in their life

9. Go to bestival - bestival just seems like my kind of festival. I don't know why I've never been. 

10. Enter an eating contest. - I just really want to have one time eaten a massive steak or 15 hotdogs in two minutes or something. Just like man v food. 

11. Treasure hunt - I really like the idea of either taking part in or organising a big treasure/scavenger hunt across London. 

12. Go to Disney world. Florida - I went to Disney world when I was 7 and I really want to go again. Up until recently I was pretty convinced I'd need to take a child with me (I'd take my bf's brother) but seeing a lot of blogs with people's trips to Disney has convinced me otherwise. Sorry kid, I'll be going on my own. 

13. Do a craft fair - this would really help with the using up of fabric too, as well as maybe making a bit if cash to put towards one of the trips on this list. I just really enjoy making things for other people because I think about them and that they will like what I'm making - or I'm making something for myself and I think about how much I will like what I'm making. But I've tried making stuff to sell before and honestly I get bored. I think the key is not to make 50 make up bags but 5 of each thing. 

14. Write a 27 before 27 list each year and do all the things on it - I don't want to spend this year doing lots of stuff and then spend the next 3 focusing on the before 30 list - little steps will make up to the big ones. 

15. Have 400 followers on bloglovin' - or whatever platform we use in the future! 100 per year. Seems do-able

16. Save up and buy a designer handbag  - probably one from mulberry, but something classic that will last forever. 

17. Learn to ride a bike - I can actually ride a bike as in I can pedal (?) the pedals and go along. That's about it. I also spend most of my time on the bike living in fear of falling off, of crashing into something, of getting tangled up in the bike, of going flying. I'd like to be the sort of person who can ride their bike to places instead of getting the bus not the sort of person who screams if a crisp packet blows too close to me. 

And thats as many as I can think of. I think thats plenty to keep me going for the next 4 years.

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