Thursday, 18 September 2014

Cat Cafe

3 months after booking I finally got to go to the cat cafe. I'd heard a couple of things saying it wasn't all it was cracked up to be or that the service wasn't great. But that wasn't the case at all. I suppose if you are expecting to arrive and have a cat placed on your lap, you'd be disappointed. Cats aren't that obedient and these cats are no exception. 

All 11 cats are just hanging out in the cafe doing their cat thing (including one who wouldn't come out of the toilet when I wanted to go) and you can play with them or pet them - if they feel like it. One wouldn't get out of his hammock all eve, another refused to come out of the toilets. 

The waitresses are really good too - telling you things about the cats 'this one sits here when he wants attention, you should pet him' 'this ones a rescue cat and is afraid of people's hands - she loves to be brushed though, here's a brush' as well as actual waitressing; I had gone upstairs whist all my friends ordered and the waitress came looking for me to take my order too. 

There's also lots of board games to play, books to read and colouring in. I recommend the colouring in - children under 8 aren't allowed and tbh I can't imagine many kids going so the felt tips aren't all mucked up! Basically -despite the fact I have a cat at home - I had a great time and will totally be going again. 

I wore a cat themed outfit because I love a good themed outfit (Kate Gabrielle is best at this) and thought I might look a bit mad. But no a lot of other people there felt it was only proper to wear a cat print to the cat cafe. 

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