Friday, 19 September 2014

Granny Squares Class at Tea & Crafting

So number 3 on my 30 before 30 list is to learn to crochet. Basically I just want to be able to make amigurumi but it turns out starting off with that is not the best plan. I've tried teaching myself with books, online tutorials and YouTube but I'm a visual-kinetic learner (awh yeah!) and I learn by best when I have someone sat with me saying - "No! Not like that!" So for quite sometime I've been planning on taking a class. I don't actually know why it took me so long to book a class at Tea & Crafting - it's after work (7pm), it's near where I work (Camden) and it's only £33.50. So because my 30 before 30 list has made me all ambitious I booked myself a lesson. God I was excited - I told everyone at work about it. They actually do amigurumi classes, but they are for intermediate crocheter and I'm definitely a beginner. They recommend taking a beginners class which there are lots of choices in, which I think is really great. I chose granny squares because that one was soonest and because this Asos two piece is bitching. I didn't take many pictures because I was concentrating so hard. 

When I arrived the first thing I was asked is if I'd like a cup of tea - off to a good start. All things needed were provided (no need to worry you've brought the wrong thing) and the room where the class is, is super cute. And filled with all the different things you can make (including a very tempting granny blanket). The classes are quite small so there's no getting missed by the teacher. Our teacher was Holly who's one of those super positive 'you're not rubbish, you've only just learnt!' 'Okay it looks like a mess, but I'll just pull it a bit and look! It looks just like the example' people who really made me feel okay to have to ask to see everything twice. I started off super confident when Holly showed us chain stitch because I could do it straightaway (I guess something stuck from all my previous attempts at learning) but all that was soon over when we moved on to the next step. I was totally the dunce of the class and had to start again when everyone else was doing their second colour (Holly didn't seem to mind and undid my mistake just enough so I didn't have to go right back to the start.) But by the end I totally had a granny square not a big ol' knotted mess! And you can take all your things home to finish. I was worried I wouldn't remember how to change colour or start again, but Holly said I could look at the instructions emailed to me (and the pattern was emailed too) and if I was still stuck I could email them and they'd help me out. I went home and finished my square and then I started my next one! I could remember how to do it! I was really pleased with myself and showed everyone at work that not only had I made one square but I had started a second one. 

And I've had a close inspection - my square looks a lot like the one on the skirt. One down 300 to go!

Thanks so much Holly and Tea & Crafting, I'll see you in October for amigurumi class!

Can you crochet? Do you have any good granny square patterns? I can do chain and double stitch!

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