Saturday, 17 January 2015

New year-ish

I thought the new year would be a good start to get back into blogging since I haven't really blogged much lately. And I thought a good start to the new year would be to update you all on my 27 before 27 and 30 before 30 lists (because I know you are waiting with baited breath)

Some of them I missed the chance to do so I have come up with new tasks to do instead. 

1. Go to the maze at Hampton Court. I actually ended up going to Hampton Court twice - the first time we went half of it was closed off! I really enjoyed Hampton Court - you get to wear a cape as you go around and they have actors acting out things that happened and interacting with visitors. I liked Catherine Aragon's 'It's Catherine, bitchez' attitude. I did go to the maze too - as soon as my friend (who really should be more sensible what with being a teacher and all) set foot into it she ran off shouting last one to the middle's the looser. I also really liked the vegetable garden - it turns out I can identify a lot of vegetables from their plants.

16. Make jam, soap and lip balm for for Christmas presents and post about it. 

I did make soap for Christmas presents, but I didn't write a blog about it. I really improved this year on my soap making and I'm really pleased with the results so I'll probably make some more before my birthday. I'll write a post about it then. I actually have some soaps left from Christmas. The first 3 people to tweet me can have some and I'll post it to you - think of it as a late Christmas present to my readers :)

I didn't make any jam - but that's more of a summer thing anyways. I didn't make lip balm either so I'll do that in the coming months and do a post on that too. It's super easy. 

17. Get 100 followers on bloglovin' - I'm up to 62 which is over half way there.

20. Go on the zip wire at Winter Wonderland - There was no zip wire at winter wonderland - boohoo. I did go though...

21. Go to Big Red Pizza - totally did this - I really recommend  their honey and garlic pizza. 

25. Frame labels from Copenhagen
This was a birthday present for my dad - he took me to Copenhagen last year and we were there for his birthday. I bought these vintage fish tin labels in a junk shop. My dad said they would look pretty cool in a frame but I was like him - I'd say I'd do it but never actually get round to it. He was almost right - it did take a year to get round to it. The frame is from wilkos. I'm so pleased with how it looks and he was pleased too. I still have some labels left - any suggestions on what I could do with them?

26. Make my own Christmas Cards
I started to do this... But never finished. I just didn't feel much motivation for it. Instead I will make birthday cards for people. Maybe Valentines cards too. 

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