Saturday, 20 June 2015

How to make a Festival Feather Headdress

So I thought for Glastonbury, I'd really bring my headdress A game and wear a feather headdress. They are super easy to make (I made one ages ago for Halloween) and not very expensive at all.

You will need;
10 feathers (I get mine from Fabric Land since they're hella cheap)
Glitter and PVA Glue (if you want glitter tipped ones like mine)
1m ribbon (Again Fabric Land!)
25cm elastic
Small piece of iron on interfacing
Glue Gun
Things to decorate the head band
Needle and Thread (or sewing machine if you're lazy like me)

First of all you need to trim any of the feathers that have a funny shape to them.

Put the glitter on one plate and the PVA glue on another. Dip the edges of each feather into the PVA glue then the glitter. You could also brush the glue on and sprinkle the glitter on to it but I found this to be a bit of hassle and not as 'dipped' looking. Just make sure there is plenty of glue because if it's thinly spread not as much glitter sticks and it ends up look stingy.

I left my feathers to dry over night. The house is now covered in glitter and the boy isn't very impressed.

You need to measure you head and work out what length of ribbon and elastic you need. The ribbon should go at least 3/4 of the way around your head and the elastic will be the last 1/4.

Cut 2 pieces of ribbon to the right length and one piece of elastic to the right length. Also cut your interfacing to the size of a piece of ribbon.

Iron on your interfacing on to one of the pieces of ribbon. This makes the ribbon stiff enough to be decorated!

Fold over each end of both ribbons and sew it to cover up the raw edge.

Decorate your ribbon! I recommend sewing rather than glueing where you can as the glue can look messy and seep into the ribbon.

Lay out your feathers in the order you want them to be. Then use the glue gun to glue the feathers to the ribbon, starting with the centre feather. I drew a little line of glue on the ribbon, then pressed the feather into it. Remember to glue your feathers face down.

Draw a wiggly line of glue on the ribbon over the feather sticks and carefully place the other piece ribbon on top, sandwiching the feathers in.

Slide the elastic inbetween the ends of the ribbon and sew in place. Do this on both sides making a loop.

And there it is!

If you make one of these, let me see the photos! I really want to see how other peoples look! Tag me on instagram or twitter @nadiacupcake or if you get stuck!

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